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Alternative Gifts to Flowers

Offering a Gift to Someone Grieving Can be Essential, so here are Alternative Ideas for Flowers

When an individual suffers a loss and needs to plan a cremation service in Iowa City, IA, it can be a challenging experience for them to go through and getting them a gift can be a kind gesture. Flowers are a great option, but they fade and die quickly, so we have compiled this list of great alternatives to flowers that you can choose from.


Offering food to a friend or family member has been an ongoing tradition throughout history. There’s so much required when it comes to planning the services that eating may not be the first thing on an individual’s mind, let alone finding time to prepare. Offering this gift can be a great option, and a few different alternatives to this are:

  • Sending them a gift basket with non-perishable items
  • Offering delivery service
  • Meal trains
  • Gift certificates for favorite restaurants

Give them Something Practical

For someone more practical, you might want to get something that they will consider helpful and help remove some stress. Offering house sitting, helping with things around the home like yard work or pet care, or checking to see if they need extra support in the planning process can be great options.

Decorative Reminders

A tangible gift might be the right option, and you could consider making a personalized and decorative reminder that they are cared for. Creating a photo collage of the deceased, customized items like wind chimes or cozy blankets can also help offer them a sense of support and remind them that they are deeply cared for.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a standard option found in almost all retail locations. They make a great choice because the individual can pick the gift that they would like to have, and this could be anything ranging from movie tickets to a spa day to help them practice some self-care.

Alternative Plants

If the individual loves plants, another option is to get them a species that’s easy to care for. Picking alternatives like a perennial that they can plant in their garden or a memorial tree that can recognize the deceased can be excellent choices.

Unique Options

The last recommendation is to pick more unique style options and if you can include:

  • Naming a star after the individual who passed away
  • Picking out a unique stone with an engraving
  • Getting a regular scheduled monthly package delivery based on a hobby or something they enjoy for a set time

Cremation Services in Iowa City IAOur Services are Based on Compassion and Affordability

Choosing the right gift can help the individual feel loved and supported through grief. It can be beneficial to consider who they are and their interests when picking an item, so choose accordingly.

And if you need to plan a cremation service in Iowa City, IA, due to a loss, we are here to help. We offer the highest level of compassionate care and understand how to create affordable and memorable events, so contact us today or visit our location.

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