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Burial Options for After Cremation

Whether you are preplanning or have just recently lost a loved one and you are considering cremation services in Waukee, IA but also want a burial, it might feel confusing if you don’t know what your options are. There are several ways to lay a loved one to rest, so getting some extra knowledge can be beneficial to understanding your choices. Here are a few ways that an individual can be buried after being cremated.

In a Plot

There are a few different ways to bury your loved one, and one of the first choices is in a cemetery plot. The plot can be purchased through the property and can be especially useful if there’s going to be more than one person’s cremated remains being placed together. It can be one of the more cost-effective ways if there is a more prominent family to be placed there compared to other options.

Urn Garden

In most cemeteries, there are designated areas called urn gardens. These might be plots that have been landscaped and are dedicated for urns That will be placed within the landscaping such as in different elements it may have like rocks or a bench.


The columbarium is a more traditional choice, and this is a building built above ground with a wall of smaller spaces called niches. These niches are formed to be the size of a standard urn, and although in most cases the structure is meant for individual spaces, it can be built to house multiple depending on the needs of the family. The niches traditionally have a bronze plaque on the outside of the chamber to help identity whose remains are inside.

Private Property

If the individual had a piece of property they owned or a favorite location of a friend or family member, this might be another option. They could have had a spot specifically picked out in a garden or somewhere in a natural location that they loved. This can be an excellent choice because it comes with no additional costs to bury the ash, and you can create a memorial area that anyone can visit when they feel the need.

Natural Settings

For the nature lover choosing a National Park can be an option to scatter the ashes. In addition to this, it can also be a thoughtful gesture to purchase a compostable urn that can be released into the ocean. The urn will quickly decompose and if you’re choosing either of these options, check with your local agencies for any EPA regulations.

Let Us Help You Through the Process cremation service in Iowa City, IA

The most significant part of laying a loved one to rest or preplanning is ensuring that the cremation services are upheld, so the individual is genuinely honored. It can be hard to know who the right company is to work with, especially if you need affordable options and compassionate care at the same time. We are a locally owned company with transparent pricing and convenient services, so if you would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call today.

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When a loved one dies unexpectedly while traveling, it can add an additional layer of stress and expense, often costing over $4500. With just one call, our professionals will take care of all the necessary details to bring your loved one home, including arranging transportation and filing permits.

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