Cremation Services in Iowa City IA

Choosing a Marker for Burial

Popular Options and Ideas to Consider when Picking a Grave Marker

Some individuals may have requested to be buried after the cremation service in Iowa City, IA, so this means you will not only have to find a location to bury the remains, but you will also need to purchase a grave marker. There are a few options for burying cremated remains, including columbarium’s and even cemetery plots, so we have gathered more information on headstones to help give you a clear idea of what’s available on the market.

Headstone Options

The most traditional kinds of headstones are:

Kerbed: This option is a full-length design that will lay flat across the ground and often be combined with a traditional upright headstone.

Flat: This design is generally bronze, concrete, or stone and will sit flat on the ground. They come in many different materials, sizes, and finishes and can be personalized with an inscription.

Upright: These are the most traditional options found in cemeteries and will generally be adhered to a base made of concrete, limestone, marble, or granite.

Raised top: These markers are a block of concrete or stone and have a raised slant from the back to the front with the inscription on the front face.

Material Choices


Stainless steel

This material is one of the newest options available on the market, and it’s becoming more popular due to its durability against the weather.


This is often chosen as a stone type for most cemeteries, but it is not as durable as some other options due to how soft the material is.


This is one of the most durable options available out of all the materials, and its appeal is that it requires very little maintenance. Keep in mind this is one of the most expensive options and that the material will darken over time due to exposure to the elements.


This versatile and flexible option comes in many different colors and finishes and is known for its durability. It’s also popular due to its affordability because it is such a prevalent material available.


Marble is the last material available on the list, and it is popular due to its aesthetics. It has unique grey and blue veins that run through it, and it is also incredibly smooth and has a beautiful finish. Keep in mind it’s not always allowed at some properties, so check with the cemetery before making this purchase.

Design Choices

There are several different designs available, including shapes such as a tear, cross, heart, and many others to choose from, so you can have confidence in finding one that will honor your loved one.

Affordable and Professional ServicesCremation Service in Iowa City IA

Finding the proper headstone is essential, and just like any of the other details at the cremation service in Iowa City, IA, you want to make sure you are finding ways to create an authentic event. Working with a company that understands the intricacies required to lay an individual to rest is essential, and we are here to help. We have offered affordable and streamlined services for all our clients since 1982, so contact us today for an appointment or immediate need.

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