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Columbariums are Another Option for Storing Remains, so Here is More Information on Them

Scheduling a cremation service in Iowa City, IA, can be a painful experience for some because it means they are suffering a loss. For specific individuals, it will be up to them to choose what to do with the remains. In some cases, they might choose a scattering ceremony, burial options, or just keep the loved one’s remains at home. But there is one other option: utilizing a structure called a columbarium to hold the remains, so keep reading for more information.

Columbarium History and Facts

Columbariums are a popular option that people will utilize, and the concept started in the Roman Empire when they were first acknowledged. The design was based on the housing intended for doves and pigeons on top of buildings, so this was soon applied as housing for urns. In most cases, the columbariums were considered a middle to low-class option because they were more affordable, but they eventually became something any class would use.

The structures are also popular with Buddhist traditions, but their columbariums are more ornate and resemble temples. The structural design of columbariums now can be a freestanding building commonly found in cemeteries, or they may be built into a wall or be a room dedicated two housing the urns, and these are both commonly found in religious and spiritual centers.

The design has individual compartments inside them called niches, and they are intended to hold only one individual’s remains. However, other sizes are available on the market, including a double space option containing two individuals’ urns, or multiple spaces can be purchased if a family wants to be laid to rest together.

The structures themselves will be built from concrete, bronze, and even granite in some cases. And the exterior is adorned with a plaque of some kind indicating who is laid to rest there. The plaques can come in bronze and granite, and there is even a glass front option; they all offer different benefits.

  • Granite is one of the more secure choices because it can be sealed, which means the remains will be a safer option, but the material makes it more difficult to personalize.
  • Bronze is easier to personalize than granite, meaning you can add in information like names, a sentence about the individual, or any other pertinent information.
  • Glass has the highest level of personalization simply because it allows onlookers to see anything left behind, like souvenirs or tokens such as flowers or notes.

What do They Cost?

The cost of using a columbarium will vary; the prices start at around $700 and are based on a few different factors.

  • What day of the week the remains are being placed in the niche?
  • If the columbarium is located in a private or public location
  • if the location is in a rural or highly populated area

Dependable and Trusted Servicescremation services in Iowa City IA

Choosing cremation service in Iowa City, IA, is the right choice for many individuals, and if you need exceptional services, we are here to help. We offer affordable packages to help meet our clients’ budgets, so contact us today to schedule an appointment in one our location.

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