Cremation Service in Cedar Rapids IA 

Cremation Myths and Facts

Understanding Cremation is Essential, so here are the Top Myths and Facts

If you have lost a loved one and are considering scheduling a cremation service in Cedar Rapids, IA, but don’t have all the facts about what happens and what’s fact or myth, you might have some confusion. Understanding the basics will help you get started choosing a decision that’s right for you and your loved one, so here is some essential information to help determine the appropriate option.

What Happens at a Cremation?

Creations have been used for thousands of years as a way to truly honor individuals after they have passed away. Once the individual arrives at the crematory, their body will be prepared through several steps, including dressing and cleaning. They will then be placed in a container and put into the incineration chamber to get up to 1800 degrees or more. Once the remains are broken down far enough and then cooled, they will be placed into a machine that turns them into an ash-like substance and returned to the family members for safekeeping.

Cremation Myths


You must have a casket

This myth is not true because you don’t need to purchase an expensive casket. In most cases, the crematories will need some sort of a combustible container to place them in.

You Have to have an Urn

This is another myth that is also not true, and for some, they may be choosing to bury or scatter the individual so that a container won’t be necessary at all.

You Can’t Have a Funeral If you Have a Cremation

This is another one of those myths that isn’t true. Just because you’ve chosen to have cremation doesn’t mean you can’t have any life celebrations or services along with it.

Cremation is Not Allowed in Most Religions

There are cases where religion may forbid cremation services, but in most cases, the view on this process has been changed to allow it as an option for the individual.

There is a Chance of Getting Someone Else’s Ashes

This is a common fear that some individuals have, but it’s far from the truth. The reason why is because cremation should be done one at a time, and in most cases, the funeral home has strict guidelines on keeping the individuals identified through the process.

Scattering Ashes is Illegal

The last myth in this list is that scattering the ashes is illegal, but this is also not true. There are some public and private spaces where it may not be permitted, but, in most cases, there aren’t any restrictions. If you plan on doing a scattering, it can be good to check with local agencies to see if any specific EPA regulations need to be followed.

Quality Services You Can Count OnCremation Services in Cedar Rapids IA 

With all the misinformation on what happens at a cremation service in Cedar Rapids, IA, there may be some confusion around scheduling the services. It’s essential to find a company that’s locally owned and trusted that can help you from start to finish with the entire process. We’ve been open since 1982, providing all of our clients with exceptional compassion and care, so contact or visit us today to schedule an appointment.

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