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In a constantly evolving world, our perspectives on life, death, and the afterlife are also changing. The traditional burial process, the norm for centuries, is no longer our only option. Cremation service in Des Moines, IA has become an increasingly popular alternative, allowing individuals and families to embrace peace and simplicity during the most challenging times. This article aims to provide an overview of cremation options and the benefits that come with them, helping you make a more informed decision about your or your loved one’s final resting place.

What is cremation? Cremation reduces a deceased body to its essential elements, primarily cremains and bone fragments, through high heat and flame. The remains, often called “cremains,” are then collected and can be spread, buried, or placed in an urn for safekeeping.

Why choose cremation? Cremation offers several benefits over traditional burial:

1. Environmentally friendly: Cremation is considered more eco-friendly, requiring fewer resources and less space. Traditional burials often involve embalming chemicals, caskets, and the use of valuable land for burial plots, all of which can hurt the environment.

2. Budget-Freindly: Generally, cremation is more affordable than traditional burial due to the reduced need for embalming, caskets, burial plots, and headstones. For those on a budget, cremation can supply a more financially feasible solution while still honoring the memory of the deceased.

3. Flexibility: Cremation offers more flexibility about memorial services and the final disposition of the remains. Families can spread the cremains in a meaningful location, place them in an urn for display, or even incorporate them into jewelry or other keepsakes.

4. Simplified process: The cremation process is relatively straightforward, often supplying a sense of comfort for grieving families. Less planning is involved, and the remains can be easily transported, allowing for a more peaceful and less stressful experience.

Cremation options When considering cremation, there are several options to choose from:

5. Direct cremation: This is the most straightforward and affordable choice, in which the body is cremated soon after death without a funeral service or viewing. The cremains can then be returned to the family or spread in a designated location.

6. Cremation with memorial service: In this choice, a memorial service is held without the presence of the body, followed by cremation. The cremains can be displayed in an urn during the service or spread afterward, depending on the family’s wishes.

7. Cremation with viewing and service: This option allows for a viewing or visitation period before the cremation, during which loved ones can say their final goodbyes. A funeral or memorial service may also be held before or after the cremation.

Cremation services in Des Moines IAIn conclusion, Cremation service in Des Moines, IA supplies an alternative to traditional burial that is budget-friendly, environmentally friendly and offers more flexibility about memorial services and the final disposition of the remains. As you consider the best way to honor the memory of your loved one, take the time to explore the various cremation options available. In doing so, you can find solace and peace in knowing that their final resting place aligns with their values and beliefs, as well as your own. Need support or have an inquiry? Get in touch with our friendly team today at Celebrate Life Iowa Cremation Services.

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