Cremation Service in Cedar Rapid IA

Benefits of Graveside Burials and Tips for Creating One

There are many options for planning to lay individuals to rest, and regardless of whether you choose a burial or cremation service in Cedar Rapids, IA, a graveside service can be held. These can be done by themselves or combined with other ceremonies, so here are a few things to consider if you plan one of these services for a loved one.

What is a Graveside Burial?

Graveside services are scripted in short ceremonies held directly at the cemetery plot. Traditionally they will generally follow a larger event like a funeral procession or church service and, for some, are seen as a way to accompany the loved one as they go to their final resting place.

The events generally have a 30-minute eulogy reading, or a prayer given by an officiant can accompany it. No videos or photos are also displayed, and on rare occasions, musicians and music may be included. Some people choose to keep these events private and only for close friends or family members, while others may choose to have a public option depending on the individual who has passed away.

Why are They Beneficial?

Individuals choose graveside services for multiple reasons, including:

  • Some find that seeing the urn or casket go into the ground can bring a sense of finality and help with closure.
  • There may be religious reasons that require the graveside service.
  • A burial can be a good choice if you want a simplified and more private event for the deceased.
  • The graveside service is also more affordable because it doesn’t require having funeral and memorial services.
  • It may feel more appropriate to have the event outdoors in a natural environment might feel more appropriate.

Tips for Planning a Memorable OneCremation Service in Cedar Rapids IA

There are several steps to plan for one of these events, and the first recommendation is to choose the location, and the individual will be laid to rest. If they did not already have planning in place, select a location that’s easily accessible for family and friends and understand any specific rules or regulations they have around varying individuals on their property with maintenance and decoration requirements.

You will also need to pick an urn or casket and find someone to lead the service. These individuals are usually officiants and may be part of a clergy or consider asking a friend or family member who knew the deceased well to speak about them at the service.

If there are any additional details like music or specific readings, include those and let the cemetery director know your wishes. They will help transport the body and set up the area for the guests to ensure a memorable experience.

When You Need Affordable and Trusted Care, We are Here to Help

As you can see, there are a lot of important considerations to help create a meaningful graveside service. Working with a leader can offer you exceptional support, and if you need to plan a cremation service in Cedar Rapids, IA, let us help you through the process. We are locally owned and offer affordable and exceptional services, so contact us today to get started.

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