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Decorating the Headstone Is Essential for Some, so Here are Some Popular Ideas to Use

After the cremation service in Cedar Rapids, IA, the loved one may have requested to be buried in a cemetery. This will require purchasing a plot add a headstone as a marker for where they’re laid to rest. For some people, decorating the headstone is an essential part of the process and can offer them a sense of comfort, so we have gathered some popular headstone decoration ideas here.

Evergreen Blankets

One of the first options on the list is popular in areas that have colder climates. This choice is known as an Evergreen blanket, and it’s made from the branches of the Evergreen tree. These blankets are meant to cover the top of the grave site completely and work well to keep snow from building up in the space. They are also designed for the plot’s specific size, so know the dimensions before placing an order.

Solar Lighting

Solar lighting is becoming a popular option for people, and there are many different choices available on the market, with some that can be attached to the headstone. The designs can range from flower decorations to personalized photos of individuals and can offer a sense of comfort as the loved one’s grave site is lit up in the darkness.

Personal Items

The decorations you choose can also be personalized for the individual. This could mean selecting an item that they favored or something that was utilized in a favorite hobby or passion that they had. From fishing tackle to artist tools, the main idea is to pick an item that feels authentic and honors the individual.

Holiday Ideas

Holidays can be a more challenging time for people after losing a loved one, and if the person is deeply committed to the holidays, this might be an excellent option for decoration. Some ideas include using pumpkins or gourds in the fall, holiday-based items like wreaths, or if you have any specific cultural or religious traditions, using items from these can also be a great cremation option.

Banners and FlagsCremation Services in Cedar Rapids IA

It’s not uncommon to see flags and banners used, especially around holidays like Memorial Day. If your loved one served in the military, it could be a great way to honor them by decorating their headstone with the flag of the country they served in or where they came from.

In addition, there are also professionally made banners with the individual’s photo and information about them printed on them which can also be used as a decoration at the site.

An Exceptional and Trusted Source

The headstone decorations represent the loved one, so pick something that feels authentic to who they were. And if you are looking for an affordable cremation service in Cedar Rapids, IA, we are your local experts. We have been serving our communities since 1982, offering exceptional and low-cost services for all our clients based on compassion and care, so contact us or visit our location today if you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment.

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