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Headstone Ideas

Burial Can be Used for Cremations, and Choosing a Headstone is Crucial, so Here are Popular Design Ideas

For some people, after a loved one has passed away and they hold a cremation service in Des Moines, IA, burial might be the right choice for the situation, and in some cases, a headstone might be part of this process. Creating an authentic monument doesn’t have to be complicated, but it may be confusing to choose if you’ve never been through it before. In today’s article, we will discuss the different popular headstone design options to give you a better understanding and make the right decision.

Keep it Simple

Some individuals live more simple lives, and if this is the message, they wanted to be made about them, that is just one choice. Keeping the headstone simple by only including basic information like the name, date of passing, and date of birth can be an acceptable option, and if you want to add personalize. If you want to add personalization to this, you might consider choosing a unique style, design, or font.

Add in Nature

Nature is an integral part of many people’s lives, so if your loved one spent a lot of time outdoors, you might add this to the headstone for a creative option. Implementing images of trees, nature scenes like mountain ranges or even plants can be an excellent choice.

Religious Aspects

Religion can play a large role in a person’s life, and this is just one more type of design that has become irregular addition to headstones. Some of the more common symbols that people will incorporate are the Bible, praying hands, the Star of David, or even the image of an angel to add a personal touch.

For Couples

Not uncommon for couples to want to be buried in the same plot. One way to express this in the headstone is by adding elements about their lives to the marker. One example could be adding a book on one side of the marker and a bicycle on the other or getting an image of their rings entwined with one another added to the headstone.

Add in an Image

Companies are advancing in the technology they have available for headstones, and one option that companies are offering now is to add images two the design. Having a favorite photo incorporated into the marker helps remember who the individual was and can also work as a great way to help others identify the resting place.

Incorporate a Vase

The last design idea in this list is to have a vase added to the headstone. This can be handy if you are planning to bring flowers regularly to the site, but you will want to check with the cemetery before making this purchase to ensure that it is allowed on the property.

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Choosing cremation service in Des Moines, IA, is an integral part of laying a loved one to rest, and if you are looking for an affordable professional option, we are here to help. We are a locally owned company that takes great pride in offering exceptional services for all our clients-celebration of life, visit one of our location for an appointment.

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