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Holiday Grief and Ways to Navigate it 

After losing a loved one and cremation services in Iowa City, IA, have been planned, the process of going through the emotions can start that can lead individuals towards the path of healing from the loss. One of the more complicated challenges that can arise as an individual goes through the five stages of grief is when special days such as anniversaries or holidays are approaching and having to start celebrating those without the loved one. It can be a time of profound grief not to have their presence at certain events, so here are some tips that can help contribute to self-care around special days.

Practicing Boundaries

If attending lots of events and festivities was a regular part of your family tradition, it can feel strange not to want to celebrate or be a part of the functions. Grief is different for every person, and it can be an exhausting process to go through when trying to navigate it. There may be mixed emotions about the confusion of not wanting to attend, and in this event, it’s okay to say no to specific functions. There’s also the alternative option of spending less time than you usually would at a gathering by leaving early or arriving late.

Making New Plans

If you do want to participate in specific functions, but the individual who passed away was the one who organized the traditions, It might feel tempting to try to do all the planning. Because this can cause additional stress when there’s already grief involved, you or anyone who’s in the process of loss may have to consider delegating different tasks to other people to help mitigate some of the work.

There’s also the option to change the traditions to help be more streamlined to this new life without the individual, such as:

  • Creating a new playlist or changing up an old one
  • Add in a favorite recipe of the loved ones
  • Change the restaurant that you may have attended as a family
  • Go to a different destination if you traveled as a group
  • Add a new movie to your holiday list

Practicing Compassion 

One of the last things that you can do is remember that going through the process of loss is incredibly hard. Being mindful that you are practicing compassion with yourself or anyone who may be grieving can be highly beneficial and lead to healing. Because the process is not straightforward, it can vary from individual to individual, so patience can go a long way when someone is suffering.

A Company Who Understands

The holidays might feel more challenging to navigate, but the proper support and self-care can help contribute tocremation service in Iowa City, IA the needed process for healing. Celebrate Life Iowa Cremation Services is an Iowa-based company that takes great pride in understanding the intricacies that come with loss and what it takes to honor a loved one truly. If you or someone you know requires cremation services in Iowa City, IA, we would love to help, so contact us today to get started.

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