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Ideas Gifts to Offer After a Funeral

Every individual is different, and this also applies to how they may process grief after losing someone they love. There can be a tremendous amount of stress if they need to plan cremation services in Cedar Rapids, IA, so taking the time to offer them some level of support, whether in the form of a gift or physical help, can be highly beneficial. With all the companies specializing in grief gifts, it can make it much easier to pick something appropriate so here are just a few choices.

Sympathy Box

One of the more popular options is to create a sympathy box. This can consist of personalized items such as a movie night theme, which can help prompt the individual to take a night off and enjoy themselves.

In addition, other gift boxes consist of foods such as crackers, cheeses, or fruit. You can add a sympathy card, chocolates or any other favorite treats the individual may enjoy.

Plants or Flowers

Flowers are always a traditional option if you consider getting something more lasting such as a potted plant. One great low-maintenance choice is to purchase succulents or even a bamboo plant due to the ease of care, and they will last longer than traditional flowers.


Another popular choice is custom jewelry such as a personalized bracelet that may include an image of the loved one and a quote about them. Some companies will also incorporate birthstone gems as well into the gift.


Comfort can come in many forms and purchasing a weighted blanket can be a great addition to the individual’s life. Weighted blankets are known to offer a sense of calm and comfort, whether it’s being enjoyed on the couch or at night while the person is sleeping.

Gift Cards

Purchasing gift cards have become a more versatile option and can be highly beneficial depending on the individual’s needs. Whether it is for a local ride with a transportation company or a night out at a restaurant, these can offer relief and lower stress for the individual grieving.

In addition, it can be beneficial to purchase grocery delivery or even cards for favorite local restaurants. Keep in mind that the average price is around $20 per person to eat, so be mindful of how many people will be included.

Offering Yourself

One of the last gift suggestions that can be just as beneficial is offering your time. The grieving loved one may need help around their home or someone to spend time with them as they go through the process.

Commitment to Quality

It can be a confusing time when you are trying to support a loved one, and you don’t know what they need. We always recommend finding out what is required before proceeding, but in most cases, any of the above gifts can work well in most situations.

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