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Ideas to Honor a Loved One During the Year

Depending on the situation, the individual that you have recently lost may have been the main organizer when it comes to anniversaries and birthdays are just special days during the year. This can create confusion or frustration on how to continue forward with these days without the individual, especially after the cremation services in Iowa City, IA, are completed. So here are some ideas to help you through the year to celebrate the individual after they been laid to rest.

Bring Out a Favorite Item

If the individual that passed away was an avid collector of birdhouses or had a hobby that involved art, you might consider displaying the items on special occasions or even all year round. If the loved one had a favorite piece of jewelry or clothing, such as a hat you have in your possession, you might consider wearing it on special days.

Make a Donation

If the deceased had a cause or charity they contributed to; it could be an uplifting gesture to donate to the agency or foundation. You might also consider donating some of your own time to volunteer for the cause that they supported.

Purchase Something Familiar

After losing a loved one, it can be challenging to hear favorite songs that remind you of them or see items you know they would have loved. Reminders of them can be all over the place, so if you see something specific that you know they would have loved to have and that you can use, making the purchase might be beneficial.

Have an Event

If the individual loved to throw parties and celebrate every holiday and anniversary, you might consider getting family and friends together on specific days of the year to remember the individual and reminisce about favorite memories. One thing you could include is if the deceased had a favorite food or recipe to incorporate that into the menu for everyone to enjoy.

Take a Trip

Some people love to travel, and there may have been specific locations that they regularly visited that are local. It could be a healing experience to revisit the area in memory or take a trip somewhere they had expressed wanting to see.

Practice Kindness

One of the last things you can do is remember that loss is incredibly difficult, and grief has no set timeframe on how long it will last. Practicing kindness for the experience that you or someone else might be having while being patient with the process can be a highly healing experience.

Quality Cremation Servicescremation services in Iowa City, IA

As you can see, there are multiple ways to celebrate a loved one that can be beneficial for anyone involved. Celebrate Life Iowa Cremation Services understands how painful loss is, and we want you to know we are here to help. If you have recently lost a loved one and need to plan cremation services in Iowa City, IA, we would love to offer you support, so call us today to schedule an appointment.

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