Marshalltown Cremation

Celebrate Life Iowa is an experienced Iowa funeral home specializing in affordable Marshalltown cremation services. As a trusted Marshalltown, Iowa funeral and cremation provider we promise to provide the best customer care and service with the guaranteed lowest cost. Our company offers a wide range of Marshalltown funeral services, memorial services and the most affordable cremation in Marshalltown, Iowa.

We approach every family with the highest level of care and dignity. With years of experience, family owned, locally Iowan owned, you can count on Celebrate Life Iowa to deliver top quality Marshalltown funeral and Marshalltown cremation services at a price that you can afford. Financing your funeral or cremation services is an option as well.

Whether you are looking to have a Marshalltown funeral service, Marshalltown memorial service, or a just a Marshalltown simple cremation to honor a life lived, Celebrate Life Iowa Funeral & Cremation Care is here to assist you.

We gladly bring the service right to your own home and make Marshalltown pre-planning or planning Marshalltown cremations, Marshalltown memorial services, and Marshalltown funeral services as comfortable as possible. Plan today for tomorrow’s need.



Marshalltown, Iowa Cremation Questions

What is the cost associated with cremation in Marshalltown, Iowa?

The cost of the cremation in Marshalltown is $895. Other cost associated with Marshalltown cremation services would be the removal. Use the funeral home picking up your loved one from the hospital, nursing home, or your residence. Celebrate Life Iowa charges $100 for a removal fee in Marshalltown, Iowa. Our basic service fee of funeral director and staff is $100. The least expensive box that an individual must be placed in for cremation is $35. The medical examiner charges $75 for a cremation permit. This totals $1205 for complete Marshalltown cremation package. All counties in Iowa charge $20 per each certified death certificate which is in addition to Celebrate Life Iowa’s Marshalltown, Iowa cremation. Other additions can be the cost of an obituary in the paper and an upgraded urn of your choice.

Is my loved one cremated alone?

At Celebrate Life Iowa and at every crematory in Iowa bodies are cremated individually. Once entering Celebrate Life Iowa’s crematory every person is properly identified. Personal belongings are logged, and each individual is assigned a cremation tag that remains with them through the cremation process.

What can I do with my loved one’s ashes?

Some Marshalltown cremation families chose to bury in various local cemeteries. Other families choose to keep the cremated remains with them until a later date. One very good option about cremation is you have time to think and decide what is the right decision for your family.


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