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Outdoor Memorial Location Ideas

Choosing the Right Outdoor Memorial Location is Easier With These Helpful Ideas

An indoor memorial may not always be the right choice, and once the cremation service in Iowa City, IA, has been scheduled, it may feel appropriate to have the funeral or celebration of life at an outdoor venue. The most challenging aspect can be picking the right location, so here are some creative areas to have services for the loved one.


On a Boat

For individuals who pursued hobbies including boating and fishing or had a Navy career, a boat can be a great place to have the event. This environment is not only an outdoor space; it can be an excellent opportunity to scatter the ashes or have a burial at sea. The biggest factor is considering the size of the vessel and how many attendees will be at the event.


In a Stadium

If the loved one was a sports fanatic, why not consider having the funeral at a Sports Center or stadium? You can also encourage attendees to wear jerseys or color-coordinated items for their loved one’s sports team. Choosing a stadium can also support many guests, making it ideal if you host a large number of attendees.


By the Water

Many people enjoy spending time by the water, whether at the beach or a river; this can be a great location to celebrate your loved one’s legacy while simultaneously enjoying the ambiance. If you are planning on having it near the water, consider that it may be colder depending on where you are gathering, and you may have to reserve a spot or arrive early, especially if it’s a public area.


On a Favored Hiking Spot

Hiking is a passion for many individuals, and if the loved one has a favorite location, this can be an excellent choice to honor their memory. As you hike a favorite trail, you can stop and share memories or stories. Keep in mind that you want to pick an accessible spot, or you might consider having the event at the beginning of the hiking trail, and anyone who wants to join in the hike afterward is welcome.


At a Country Club

If your loved one was an avid golfer, having the funeral at the Country Club or on the course can be a beautiful and memorable way to honor them. Many courses have lakes or ponds near them, which can be a great place to set up the event, and you will want to check with the staff to see if there are any restrictions the property has in place.


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Cremation Service in Iowa City IAIt can also be helpful to speak to family or friends to see if they have any recommendations because this can reduce some of the stress and make the planning experience easier. Getting a high-quality cremation service in Iowa City, IA, is crucial, and when you need expert care, we are here to help. Our team of experts has been serving our community since 1982 and is here to answer any questions, so call us today to get started. Visit our location.

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