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Should a Child Go to a Funeral?

Funerals are Unique Events, so Here are Some Ways to Know If You Should Bring a Child to One

A child of any age is appropriate to bring to a funeral, but it will depend on a few different factors. Every situation is unique, and whether it’s for a burial or cremation service in Iowa City, IA, the event can be a vital part of laying someone to rest. Understanding when to bring them is crucial, so let’s look at some situations.

Ask Your Child

In most cases, individuals will lose a loved one close to them and their childhood. And while helping them manage the grief can be challenging, it can be an integral part of their learning about the life cycle and how to navigate grief more effectively. The biggest consideration is to speak to them about the funeral and give them an understanding of what it is and why it’s taking place to see if they have an opinion about going.

Taking them to the Funeral

If they decide to attend the event, keep offering them room for choice. The fact is, seeing a casket is a different experience from one being explained to them, and if your child chooses not to go, be prepared to support that. The best option is to keep the situation flexible and have a backup plan for someone that can stay with the child if they choose not to go.

Encouraging the Child to Grieve the Loss

Grief and death can be challenging topics, and while it may feel natural to want to protect them, not giving them a choice can be worse. Finding ways to support their grief is critical and being open about the loss can permit them to ask questions and process their emotions. You can also consider getting age-appropriate resources like books or videos to help them better understand the feelings and loss before the event.

Will a Child be Welcomed at the Event?

Typically, children will be welcomed to an event, and they are encouraged to pay respects to the deceased and say goodbye to the individual. In some cases, having children, there can be uplifting and offer hope to others. However, remember that the family may be distracted by their emotions, so they may not react to the child as attentively as usual. So, it’s vital to help the child understand how grief works so they can better navigate this situation.

Consider their Age and Behavior

Some children may sleep through the entire experience, and others may be more outgoing and have a harder time sitting. So, another consideration is whether they will be able to attend in a way that is not overly distracting and keep the focus on the services.

Cremation Services in Iowa City IAYour Source for Affordable and Professional Services

Having the child attend an event can help give them a sense of closure if they can understand the process. Going through a loss can be a challenging experience for many, and if you need professional and affordable cremation service in Iowa City, IA, our team is here to support you. We have been providing exceptional services since 1982, so contact us today for more information about our services or have any questions.

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