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There are Many Different Cemetery Options Available, and we Have them Listed Here

There are Many Different Cemetery Options Available, and we Have them Listed Here

Whether picking a funeral or cremation service in Iowa City, IA, the individual being laid to rest may have requested to be buried in a cemetery. You can choose from many different types, so we have created this helpful list to narrow down the options and pick the one that feels like an authentic choice.


This is the most common option of cemeteries you will find. These options are traditionally used by the community, churches, and neighborhoods and are owned by the city or town.


Private cemeteries are not government-owned, so they will have more rules and regulations to be buried in them. Most likely, they will be owned by a company or specific organization, and because some are for-profit, they may be more expensive than a public or municipal option. But in addition to this, they may be better maintained and have more resources available.


This cemetery is cared for by religious groups and specific churches. In most cases, they will be reserved for members of the community. If your loved one has a specific spiritual belief or affiliation, they will do their best to uphold any religious traditions.


Family cemeteries used to be a more popular option, but they have diminished over the years because they have more rigid regulations. These sites are areas of land that are not associated with any religious organizations but may be the site for burying people related by household, marriage, or blood.


National or military cemeteries are locations devoted exclusively to anyone who is a veteran, military personnel, and spouses. And the individual would need to provide supporting documents proving their status with the military to be laid to rest there.

Memorial Parks

Memorial parks are considered should be a more modern type of cemetery. They have incorporated more items like benches and sculptures to create a more unique and landscaped property.


Green cemeteries are an eco-friendly way to lay an individual to rest. These properties reduce the impact of the burial on the environment and help reduce carbon emissions, promote the protection and restoration of natural settings, and help preserve natural resources. This is done by not allowing any form of toxins into the ground during the burial process, and many locations use the money paid for the burial to help enhance the natural surroundings.

When You Need Affordability and a Compassionate Source

Cremation Service in Iowa City IARegardless of your loved one’s background, there are many types of cemeteries to choose from, so finding the right choice is easier. You want to lay them to rest in a way that feels authentic, and if you are considering a cremation service in Iowa City, IA, our team of experts is here for you. We specialize in offering affordable cremations based on integrity and honesty for all our clients and have been caring for our community since 1982. We would love to support you through the process and are here to answer all your questions including prearrangement, so call us today or visit our location.

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