Cremation Service in Cedar Rapids IA

Tips and Ideas to Create a Truly Unique Funeral Reception

There are many ways to honor the individual after the cremation service in Cedar Rapids, IA, and the reception is one of them. Knowing how to make this event personalized can be a helpful way to create a truly memorable event, so we have created this guide with some tips and ideas you can include for the reception portion of the services.

Have a Buffet

A buffet can be a thorough option because it incorporates many food options at the event. In most cases, this will be a more affordable choice because you buy items in bulk, which can help accommodate anyone with food allergies or preferences. In addition, why not consider making it a breakfast style or put a unique spin on the items available?

Hire a Restaurant

Planning the services can be complicated enough, and to help ease the stress and make it more unique, hiring a restaurant to do the food portion might be the right choice. Food trucks are becoming another popular option, so consider either one of these options to help make the event more unique.

Turn it Into a Potluck

Food has been a way to connect with others for thousands of years, especially after transitions like a loss. Turning the event into a potluck and holding it at a unique location can help make it more memorable. As a bonus, it may be helpful to those in attendance by participating and allowing them to offer food as a support item.

Serve Food Items the Loved One Enjoyed

If there was a specific food the loved one preferred or traveled frequently to a destination, why not consider incorporating that into the event? Whether you find an outside party to accommodate this preference, or you cook a dish that represents something the deceased loved, this is another great way to remember them and something they loved.

Consider a Happy Hour

For those who had a favorite bar or hang-out place they spent time with friends, why not add this location to create a happy hour in memory of the deceased? In addition, you might consider making a beverage or food and naming it after the person.

Other Additions

Another consideration is adding as much personalization as possible to the event. This could include favorite music or hiring a live band. Displaying their hobbies or creating a photo collage can also help put a unique spin on the reception. Also, themes and color coordination can be incorporated, so consider your options when planning.

When You Need Services Based on Compassion and Care, Our Team is Here to Help You

Cremation Services in Cedar Rapids IAThese are just a few ideas you can incorporate into the reception services to make them memorable. In addition, the cremation service in Cedar Rapids, IA, can also help play a role in the experience, and if you need a trusted provider at your side, we are here to support you. Our company has been in business since 1982, focusing on providing affordable and exceptional services for our clients. We are here to answer any questions or get you started with the process, so contact us today for immediate need.

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