Cremation Services in Iowa City IA

Considerations and Tips to Make Shipping the Ashes Easier

Planning a cremation service in Iowa City, IA, requires multiple steps to complete the process thoughtfully. This also applies to shipping the remains to a different destination because numerous steps are required for it to succeed. If you have never had to send remains before, it could be confusing what to do, so we have created this helpful guide to get you started.

Order a Kit

Only one company can ship cremated remains, and that is USPS. They also offer a free kit online that you can order through their website called the “cremated remains kit.” this comes in two different options, with the first one being just the box and the second one containing the Priority Mail Express tape, bubble wrap, the box, and the self-sealing plastic bag.

One of the main reasons it’s recommended to use this box is because it is more recognizable by USPS, ensuring a safer and more prompt delivery of the package.

Use Label 139

Another important aspect is having the right labeling on the package, and if you’re choosing to use your box, you want to apply Label 139 to all box exteriors, including the top and bottom. The label is printed with the words cremated remains in bright colors and large letters because this will help bring attention to the package to ensure the delivery is done in a timely fashion.

Pack the Box Correctly

How you pack the container also makes a difference, and it’s essential to ensure that the urn or vessel is inside a sealed plastic bag. This could help reduce the risk of sifting or spilling during transport, and it can be helpful to add extra padding to ensure that the vessel is unable to move while it’s being delivered. In addition, you also want to include a piece of paper with your contact information and the destination’s information to ensure that it doesn’t get lost.

If you Need to Ship International

If you need to ship the package internationally, some countries don’t allow ashes to be sent to them, so one recommendation is to contact the embassy of the country it’s going to. This will ensure that you have the appropriate information and necessary paperwork for customs.

Other Considerations

The last consideration is to make sure that you understand there is a risk in sending this package. One way to help reinforce its delivery is to add on extra options such as signature required or return receipt because these can both help add to the protection of the contents.

Affordable and Streamlined ServicesCremation Service in Iowa City IA

For some individuals, shipping the ashes is a necessary task after the cremation service in Iowa City, IA. Following these helpful steps can get the process completed more efficiently, and if you need support in planning the services, we are here for you. We are a locally owned company that has been focusing on providing services based on affordability and integrity for all our clients, so contact us today about prearrangement or visit our facilities.

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