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If You Need to Purchase an Urn Vault, we have Important Facts and Information About them Listed Here

It can be a confusing process to understand how to bury an individual after a cremation service in Des Moines, IA, is completed because one of the requirements may be purchasing an urn vault. It can be helpful to get some extra knowledge about these items, so we have created this article to help expand on their benefits and get you started choosing the right one.

What are Urn Vaults?

This vault is a type of container the vessel will be placed inside of the individual chooses to be buried in a standard plot. There are two main reasons why the vault may need to be purchased, and one of these includes keeping the container safer after it is placed in the ground.

The second reason is that the cemetery property may require it. When a plot space is opened and closed, it poses a risk of collapsing in on the urn, and the vault will help stabilize the ground more effectively, which keeps the landscaping in good condition.

What Types are There?

The vaults will vary based on the design, size, and material of the urn. Some vaults are made from concrete and reinforced with different materials like stainless steel or bronze, while others may be made from more durable plastic. In either case, the lids are sealed with some adhesive to prevent spillage.

There are a few things to consider when you are purchasing one, and they are:

  • If there is no urn and you are choosing to keep the remains inside of a cardboard box, the dimensions will need to be taken into account
  • Even if you purchase a decorated urn, it can still go inside of a vault
  • You don’t need an urn at all, and the remains can go directly into the vault
  • There are also burial urns that don’t require a vault and are made from materials like Onyx, metal, granite, and marble


How Much Are They?

The cost of the vault will range anywhere from $100 to $500, and the more expensive options are going to be made from a higher-end material that has more durability.

How Do You Know if One is Required?

The primary way you will determine if the vault is required is by speaking with the funeral director or the cemetery. They may have their own specific rules and regulations that need to be followed, and they will tell you if it is necessary.

Affordable and Compassionate CareCremation Services in Des Moines IA

If you need to purchase and are involved, it can be helpful to speak to the cemetery because they may have some recommendations or carry them on site. Getting the correct information is essential, so if you are looking for a professional cremation service in Des Moines, IA, we have you covered. We are a locally owned company who have been providing affordable and exceptional services since 1982, so contact us today for more information or to schedule a preplanning or visit our location now.

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