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What do You Wear to a Cremation Service?

In the event that you have either lost a loved one and needed to plan  cremation services in Waukee or you have been invited to one of these functions, there are always specific details involved. One thing to consider is the kind of clothing to wear that will be acceptable and presentable. Here is a basic rundown of what is deemed appropriate when attending a funeral or cremation service.

Traditionally Speaking

Because the whole premise behind one of these services is that individuals attending will be in a state of grief or loss, you want to understand that how you dress does make a difference. It is always recommended to check with the facility or the organizer to see if there are any specific requirements for attire at the event.

You will want to choose more conservatively unless this has been otherwise specified with the individual who is organizing the function. You don’t want to be underdressed for the event or overdressed, so make sure that what you’re wearing is something you might consider wearing to a church function or professional meeting.

Women’s Choices

A good rule to follow is to always dress in clothing that is darker colored so as to not stand out from the rest of the crowd, and some outfits to consider are:

  • skirt with blouse
  • pantsuit
  • slacks with sweater
  • flats or shorter pumps

You also want to make sure that you avoid wearing overly revealing or casual things such as sandals or open-toed shoes.

Men’s Choices

The rule is the same for color choices and picking dark hues can be the best option for a traditional gathering.

Some attire options for men are:

  • slacks with a sweater
  • suit and tie
  • dress shoes

It is recommended that you refrain from wearing casual attire such as shorts, baseball caps, or tennis shoes.

Other Considerations 

If you are bringing children to the event, you will want to dress them in the same manner with being mindful of picking a tire that would resemble something you would wear to a more professional function. If you are attending an online event, the dress code will still be the same so avoid wearing anything that is bright or has loud graphics on it and is suitable for the occasion.

Keeping Our Prices Affordable

Every function is different, so it can be good to check with the organizer to see if any cultural or religious traditions will need to be upheld through the clothing. Having these resources can help you make a more appropriate decision; it helps contribute to the healing process for other attendees by keeping the attention on the function.

cremation service in Cedar Rapids, IACelebrate Life Iowa Cremation Services is a locally trusted company that takes great pride in offering their community compassion and care they can depend on. We specialize in affordable direct cremation services in Waukee, IA. If you or someone you know is in need of planning a service, contact us today to get started.

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