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The Executor of the Estate is a Large Responsibility, so We have a List of the Most Important Tasks they Need to Complete

Whether you are pre-planning or have been chosen as an executor, this can feel overwhelming. Between planning the cremation service in Iowa City, IA, and taking care of the estate, several tasks will need to be completed. Understanding what is required is crucial, so here is a list of tasks that the executor will be responsible for.

Review any Wills or Trusts

In most situations, individuals will have a will or trust that lists their wishes and how assets will be distributed from their estate, and it should also list heirs and their contact information. Because you are responsible for fulfilling any desires listed on the documents, it is recommended to let the beneficiaries know about action plans to avoid confusion.

Plan the Services

While the details of the services are not the executor’s responsibility, they are seen as the elected person to fulfill any wishes the deceased had. So, if you are the executor, you need to be mindful that any money that goes into the Funeral services will come out of the estate.

Keep Detailed Records

Another essential task is to ensure you are keeping everything organized with detailed notes on everything you do relating to the estate. You also want to keep track of any expenses or financial concerns because they may need to be accessed for the probate process.

Obtain the Death Certificate and File the Will

With the proper documentation, getting the death certificate can be a relatively easy experience, and typically you will require the individual’s Social Security number or card. It’s also recommended to get two dozen copies of the certificate. You also need to file the will with the probate court, and it is recommended to have an attorney help you with this process in case there are any mandated court appearances.

Notify Organizations About the Loss

Another responsibility of the executor is to notify any individuals or organizations about the person passing. This can prevent continued billing for services, start the process for death benefits, or let credit card companies know to avoid fraud with the deceased’s name.

Pay any Debts and Distribute Assets

Cremation Service in Iowa City IAIf the deceased had any remaining debts, these would need to be paid. Additionally, ensure any estate tax returns and income are prepared by the professional. You will also need to sell the real estate if this is planned in the will, and any personal property will need to be distributed to the designated heirs.

We are Here to Support You Through the Process

As you can see, the executor has a significant responsibility and multiple tasks to fulfill. Getting the right supporters is crucial, and when you need to plan the cremation service in Iowa City, IA, we are here to help you through the process. Our priority is to offer streamlined and affordable services, and has been serving our community since 1982, so contact us today to get started and get more information about our services.

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