Cremations in Cedar Rapids, IA, Can Be Completely Arranged From Home

We are a family-owned and operated funeral home specializing in unique funeral service requests as well as traditional funeral services for all families in Cedar Rapids, IA and nearby areas. With over 60 years of experience in the funeral business, Celebrate Life Iowa Cremation Services is one of the best funeral and cremation providers. You can feel confident that we will work with you to create a unique, tranquil tribute to your loved one’s life. Our family values will be a part of everything we do for you, from the small gestures that mean so much to empathetic counseling during the decision-making process. Give us a call today at (515) 689-5522.

There are times when we need space and simplification to take care of what matters most. If you are looking for final arrangement solutions like cremations in Cedar Rapids, IA, the experts at Celebrate Life Iowa Cremation Services are here to make things a tiny bit easier. With options to completely secure arrangements online or through a simple phone call, there is no need to make things more complicated than they already are. Likewise, there is no need to deal with time-consuming arrangement conferences if you already know what you want.

Affordable Cremations in Cedar Rapids, IA With Caring Professionals

Cremation Service Cedar Rapids, IAIn regards to simple solutions, cremation is a process that is handled in a straightforward manner and effectively cares for the deceased remains. The cremation procedure is regulated carefully to protect our clients and their families. Cremation is not a process that can be reversed after it is completed. Because of this, most states require some type of waiting period, and appropriate permits must be in hand before the body disposition can begin.

Once these things are in place, the cremation itself only takes a few hours. Next, the body may be washed and dressed as desired and then placed in a hard-sided flammable container. This container will be placed in the cremation retort chamber and consumed with the deceased remains. The container serves at least two purposes. The first is to provide privacy and show respect to the deceased during the process. The second is to protect those who are completing the cremation process from unnecessary contact with the deceased.

Once secured inside the chamber, the heat is turned up to very high temperatures. The contents in the chamber then combust, and the flames consume the burning of all contents within an hour or two. After a cooling process, the remaining elements are collected and made to be a consistent texture. Finally, the particles are placed in a container (often an urn) and returned to the family representative.

Because cremation involves less handling and merchandise than other deathcare preparation services such as embalming and casket burial, it often costs less to complete cremations. Therefore, for families who are looking for affordability in their death care solutions, cremation should definitely be considered.

Can Other Services be Planned for Your Cremated Loved One?

The short answer is yes. If you are hoping to honor your loved one with funeral or memorial services, those can be paired with our cremation offers very nicely. A celebration of life service can take many formats and be a fantastic way to honor your departed loved one. Depending on the style of services you are hoping to have, cremation will be handled before, during, or after the honoring ceremonies.

Cremated remains may be buried in a cemetery or memorial park, much like casketed remains. The rules and regulations of the location will govern what can take place and how to get the appropriate equipment that may be needed. If you have other family members laid to rest in an establishment, it can be such a comfort to those who are living to have the deceased situated in a proximal manner when possible.

It is also a great option to keep the cremated remains in an urn at home. Ashen remains could also be scattered in a wide variety of final placements. Permits and permissions are often needed for a scattering to take place. If you need guidance, we can refer you to where to find that information regarding final placement after cremations in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Selecting an Urn

How you place your loved ones remains will determine what style or type of urn you may need to select. An urn is analogous to a coffin. It is a container that will hold the few pounds of your loved ones’ most basic elements left on earth. Urns are designed for burial below the ground or placement in a columbarium wall. Knowing the dimensions of burial or entombment parameters would be good to learn before you purchase an urn.

Display urn could be very custom and not look like a traditional urn at all. Even statues could be designed to encase these cremated remains. A huge variety of materials might be chosen. Think shapes, styles, decorative or classic templates –there are so many things that could be used. It is also possible to keep a small portion of cremated remains within jewelry or other accessories that have been designed for this purpose.

Our Family is Well Trained to Care for Yours

Since the early 1980’s our family has been working to bring reputable and respectful services for cremations in Cedar Rapids, IA, and surrounding areas. We stay up to date on best practices, state-of-the-art equipment, and ways we can support our client families through this difficult time. Celebrate Life Iowa Cremation Services is the name to trust for these critical deathcare needs.


Cremation Service FAQs

Can funeral plans be transferred?

Yes, you can transfer your funeral arrangement from one funeral home to another. There are numerous reasons that you may find yourself in this situation. Perhaps you’ve moved here from another city or state, maybe the funeral home where you originally had your arrangements went out of business or changed ownership. Whatever your reason, it’s best to talk to your funeral director about it. Learn more about transferring a pre-arrangement.

How do you deal with grief after a funeral?

  • Allow yourself to be sad. When a funeral is over, the grieving process does not end.
  • Allow yourself to be patient. Don’t try to hasten the grieving process to go back to normal.
  • Maintain contact.
  • Allow for the unexpected.
  • Prepare for the future.
  • Participate in a grief support group.

Why are cremation urns so expensive?

The higher the level of craftsmanship required to work the material, the higher the price. A huge urn needs more material and labor to create. Shipping and delivery charges are considerably greater for larger urns. The expense of developing original, unique, and innovative designs is higher. Learn more about cremation urns.

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When a loved one dies unexpectedly while traveling, it can add an additional layer of stress and expense, often costing over $4500. With just one call, our professionals will take care of all the necessary details to bring your loved one home, including arranging transportation and filing permits.

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