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Celebrate Life Iowa Cremation Services offers affordable cremation and life celebration services in Des Moines, IA and its surrounding areas. For over 60 years, we have been family owned and operated funeral home and we feel honored to serve your family during your time of need. Our staff is dedicated to delivering the best possible care and service to and we take satisfaction in helping you take the initial steps toward healing. From catered parties with live music to church services, we can affordably and professionally assist with all of your needs. Call us today at (515) 689-5522.

If a loved one has passed and you now need to make plans for final arrangements such as cremations in Des Moines, IA, the experts to hire can be found at Celebrate Life Iowa Cremation Services. Our services are performed in a dignified way, balancing our professional and compassionate care with affordable options. If meeting in person to make arrangements feels overwhelming, you can ultimately retain our services through our secure website or by placing a phone call to our staff.

Affordably Priced Cremations in Des Moines, IA Completed by Caring Experts

Cremation Service Des Moines, IAAfter death occurs, it becomes necessary rather quickly to handle the remains. This needs to be done in a way that shows respect and mitigates the spread of disease associated with the natural breakdown of the body. Cremation is one such option of how to care for the remains effectively. It also offers flexibility with the timeline of any desired honoring ceremonies and final disposition solutions.

The process of cremation is not overly complex, but you definitely want and need experts in the field to handle the process. Look for a company that offers transparency and secure handling procedures to ensure you know how your loved one’s remains are being cared for. All cremations at Celebrate Life Iowa Cremation Services are completed in a legal and ethical manner. Since cremation is an irreversible process, everything must be in order before getting started.

After any necessary permits are acquired and waiting periods are fulfilled, the process can begin. While these requirements are in the works, the deceased will be kept in cold storage appropriately. Next, the departed individual will be washed and dressed for their cremation service as desired. Then, they will be placed in a rigid, combustible container. Finally, the filled container will be loaded into the cremation chamber and secured properly. The intense heat needed to consume the deceased will range from 1100-1800 degrees Fahrenheit.

The incineration process takes around two hours. After the chamber has cooled sufficiently, the contents will be carefully collected and ground together for a uniform consistency of particles. Most of what is left at this point are tiny pieces of bones that did not consume in flames. This particulate substance is often called the ashes. Cremated ashes are placed in some type of container, often an urn. The family or their representative will then receive the cremated remains back, and final placement can take place at a time convenient for you and yours.

Cremations usually cost less than casket burials for the simple fact that more services are associated with casketing and burial. More services almost always mean more costs. Cremation is a process that can be a wonderful solution to care for the remains when handled respectfully and thoughtfully.

Do Cremations Eliminate the Possibility of Honoring Services?

Actually, no. Cremations can be arranged as a stand-alone service, but they certainly don’t need to be. A cremation without any public honoring event is usually called a direct or simple cremation service. Cremations may be planned in connection with funerals or memorial events. Celebration of life ceremonies can also be utilized to honor the dead and remember just how special it is they were part of your life.

Final disposition after cremation can be more than simple burial in a cemetery, though that is a great option that still is available for cremated remains in most establishments. Look for cemeteries or memorial parks that offer urn plots or columbaria houses to learn more about the burial choices near you. Cremated remains could alternatively be scattered in natural settings as long as the appropriate permissions and permits are obtained first. For those who just want to keep their loved ones nearby, a decorative urn can be a great choice as well.

Types of Funerary Urns

A funerary urn is not necessarily a required purchase after cremations in Des Moines, IA. However, for practical purposes, most crematoriums offer a selection of urns to keep the ashes safe. Some urns are designed with burial or entombment in mind, while some are exclusively designed with a decorative function. Custom-made urns can be extremely unique and personalized in very distinct ways. If scattering is planned, the family may simply use a temporary urn or container to keep the collection of remains safe until the services are finished.

Work With a Family Centered and Experienced Provider

As you make plans for respectfully handled cremations in Des Moines, IA, consider a few things. Working with an established firm with many years of experience will often provide a better experience on the consumer end. Also, a family-centered, locally owned and operated firm may be more able to meet the unique needs of your family in real-time, without needing to wait on some far removed decision-makers to weigh in on policies. Celebrate Life Iowa Cremation Services has been serving the area for nearly 40 years and just keeps getting better.


Cremation Service FAQs

What to do if a death occurs at home?

When someone dies unexpectedly at home, you should contact their primary care physician or the nearest doctor. When a death occurs at home, the doctor can usually produce a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death quickly, confirming the cause of death.

What is a silent cremation?

A silent cremation is a convenient and cost-effective solution. We gather the deceased and make plans for cremation as quickly as possible. There will be no religious service, but once the ashes have been returned/collected, the family may hold their own private service.

Why is death a celebration of life?

It is necessary to grieve the loss of a loved one. It’s a natural emotional response that, in its own way, aids in the celebration of life. We lose sight of the life that we were born to live, rather than lamenting the loss of a loved one, celebrate their life. Learn more about life celebration services.

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When a loved one dies unexpectedly while traveling, it can add an additional layer of stress and expense, often costing over $4500. With just one call, our professionals will take care of all the necessary details to bring your loved one home, including arranging transportation and filing permits.

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