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Having the Right Information in Place After Loss is Crucial, so here are Some of the Essential Documents to Obtain

Having the Right Information in Place After Loss is Crucial, so here are Some of the Essential Documents to Obtain

Preplanning comes in multiple stages and having all the key information in place requires filling out the proper documentation because it can outline special requests or last wishes. This information is essential to help family members make challenging decisions easier. So, whether you choose burial or cremation service in Cedar Rapids, IA, here are a few standard end-of-life documents to consider creating.

Living Will

This is one of the most common documents needed for the planning process. The information will list any wishes the individual has around care that needs to be received and can record personal preferences for medical needs.

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney will authorize another individual to act on your behalf around business, personal, legal, and medical situations. Different degrees of power can be granted, and two common types are:

  • General

The general POA gives the individual power to sign documents, make financial transactions, and pay bills and terminates when the individual passes away.

  • Limited

This POA has a specific purpose, including giving the individual the power to represent and act for the individual, and will terminate when the person passes away.

Last Will

The last will outlines any request after an individual passes away. This will list how assets need to be distributed and will include the following:

  • Special instructions around the services or caring for pets
  • A list of assets that will be given to beneficiaries
  • The beneficiaries will be receiving the assets
  • The executor who ensures the document’s wishes are carried out
  • Any expenses or debts

Living Trust

The living trust is similar to a living will and outlines how any asset should be distributed. The trust is a fund that owns any assets until the individual passes away. The most common items listed can include:

  • Bank accounts
  • Vehicles
  • Real estate
  • Any other items of value

Letter of Competency

The letter of competency is written by a doctor that will attest to the individual’s mental capacity when the will is drafted. This can help reduce the risk of complications if there is a dispute over the documents. These can be obtained by a primary care doctor, including the date you began working with them, your name, and a statement of your decision-making abilities.

Organ Donor Information

Being an organ donor is not uncommon, and it can be a rewarding option to choose because the body parts can be used to save lives. This can be done through the licensing department or by registering online as a national donor.

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Cremation Service in Cedar Rapids IAWhile planning can feel uncomfortable for some individuals, it can be a great way to help give your family peace of mind and reduce their stress. In addition, you can always consult with a lawyer if you need further help with this documentation.

And if you have recently experienced a loss and require a cremation service in Cedar Rapids, IA, we would love to help. We have been serving our community since 1982 and provide exceptional and affordable services for all our clients, so contact us today for more information about our services or have any questions.

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