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Making a Funeral Announcement on Social Media

It’s not uncommon to have individuals who have multiple social media accounts in today’s technological world. It is also normal to see status updates on most aspects of people’s lives, so if you have lost a loved one and are considering cremation services in Des Moines, IA, you may be considering letting people know via a social platform.

The first thing to consider is if it is appropriate to announce another person’s death on a social network. This is due to the topic’s sensitive nature; think of those who may be reading the information. If you have decided to make the announcement, here are some steps guidelines to follow.

Talking it Over with Others

Because death is a sensitive topic, you want to be mindful that people may have an emotionally charged experience once they receive the news. If the individual is not part of your immediate family, you will want to reach out to the family members of the loved one to get their approval before making your post. Ultimately the decision is theirs, so it is always recommended to respect their wishes, particularly in this situation.

Compassion and Respect

If you have the approval and decide to make a post, it is good to take some time to consider what you are going to say before you post the information. This can not only save you time, but it may avoid a confrontation or upsetting others, mainly if someone has not heard from likely and reads your information before being notified.

Keeping it Simple

Not overcomplicating the words that you are going to be using is also highly recommended. Over-telling can confuse people, so gather the basic facts from the family and streamline your post as much as possible.

Who Is Your Audience?

You will also want to consider who will be reading the announcement and the arrangements. If you have decided to make this a public post, be mindful that there may be individuals who choose to attend the event that might not be welcome, so keeping your post private is a priority.

What Images are Appropriate

If you plan to use media, check with the family to find an appropriate choice for this situation. You want to ensure that any photos are precise of the deceased and focused on them only. It is recommended to use favorite images, so be selective in what you are choosing.

Making the Process More Simplistic

There are always rules of etiquette that can be followed when making any announcements, particularly around the loss of a loved one. Having a cremation service in Des Moines IAlocal company that will provide you with the highest level of customer care on the market is a priority and we want to help you through the process of planning cremation services in Des Moines, IA. You want a team of members that understand what compassion, care, and respect look like and that will help guide you step by step as you create a service that truly honors your loved one. Give us a call today, and we will help you get started.


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