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Location Ideas for Scattering Ceremonies

For some people, after a loved one has passed away and they hold the cremation service in Cedar Rapids, IA, they may choose to place the loved one’s remains in an urn and keep them at home. For others, the loved one may have requested to be buried in a specific area  or preferences, but for those planning on doing a scattering service, there could be a question about which location is the right one. If the loved one didn’t emphasize a space they wanted to use, this article will discuss popular alternative sites where people choose to scatter their loved one’s remains.

Pick a Favorite Place

Most individuals will have favorite places to go, including parks or nature trails. For some, it could be a family home that they spent their lives in, and in any of these situations, they can all be appropriate and thoughtful options for the scattering ceremony.

The Water

Water is an integral part of some people’s lives, and whether they were an avid fishermen or someone who spent their time watching the waves crash in the ocean, this can be another option of a location to use. Lakes, rivers, and the sea are all viable places the remains can be scattered. One way to enhance this experience is to release flower petals simultaneously as the remains for a truly memorable experience.

Choose a Vacation Spot

It’s not uncommon for people to have vacation places that they frequent in their lives, so why not consider scattering the ashes at this location? It can be even more meaningful if you spent substantial time there with them because it could be a place that offers happy memories that you will be able to revisit and remember your loved one.

Take them Somewhere Meaningful

Experiences define people’s lives, and the loved one may have had a spot where they went to college, had an engagement, or have happy memories that occurred. This is another example of a place that can be used to lay them to rest and create an opportunity to reminisce about their experience.

Destinations They Never Visited

Many people have locations that they want to visit but never get around to, and if this is the case for your loved one, it might be an appropriate option. Taking them to a destination that they wanted to visit but never did and offering a sense of closure well at the same time may bring you into a new location that you enjoy.

In a Garden

the last recommendation in this list is to utilize a garden space for the scattering, and this can be an inappropriate option if the individual is an avid gardener. To create a more personalized resting area, you might consider combining some of their remains with concrete to develop steppingstones or even a sculpture for the site.

Exceptional and Affordable Optionscremation services in Cedar Rapids, IA

Planning a cremation service in Cedar Rapids, IA, takes an understanding of the steps and the pain of loss to create a memorable event, so we are here to help. We are locally owned and provide affordable services for all the clients in our community based on compassion and care, so contact us today to set you a planning reminders or schedule an appointment in one of our location.

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