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Steps to Plan a Funeral

Funeral planning can be a great time and money saving decision that will help you long term. But in a lot of cases the individual passing away is unexpected and can make the experience more confusing when combined with the emotions that will arise with the loss. So if you need to plan funeral or cremation service in Cedar Rapids, IA, you might be wondering what your next steps are. Here are some ideas to get you headed in the right direction.

Steps for Starting

Your first decision is going to be figured out what kind of service you want to have for your loved one. This could consist of a burial which is placing the deceased in a casket and having them buried in the ground. Cremation services are another option and involve heating the individual’s body up to extremely high temperatures and then having the remaining fragments ground down into ash.

There are various aspects that can come with both choices including viewing options and creating a service for individuals that may want to attend and say their farewells. Both can be held in a private setting or an open and more formal way, in either case it is choosing what would be appropriate for your loved one.

The services can consist of personalized events like play favorite music or having individuals do readings in a eulogy fashion. It is recommended to allow others to contribute to the event to help express their grief or sadness over the loss. You will also want to have an experienced professional like an officiant who can help guide the service as it progress is through the opening and closing of the event.

Traditional events that can happen with a funeral are:

  • a mourning period and expression of condolences
  • Religious or cultural expressions
  • personalization of the event around the deceased
  • specific times for viewing or visitation

Other Ideas When Planning a Service

Hey recommended choice is having a photo or media of the deceased and your chosen Funeral Home can assist you with creating a display. It’s not uncommon for floral arrangements to be part of the decoration but it is a considerate option to offer individuals to make donations to a chosen charity of the deceased. You may want to include a form of book that guests can sign for after the service too write down any thoughts or memories around the loved one.

Receptions are also a common activity as they allow for people to connect and reflect as they grieve. It is a personalized touch to add in a favorite food or drink of the deceased and you can make this as simple or lavish as you choose. There is no specific way to hold an event like this but to be mindful that it is a way to bring people together, so they don’t feel so alone as they go through the process of the loss.

Offering you Support

If you are seeking cremation service in Cedar Rapids, IA, you want a company that you can depend on. Celebrate Life Iowa Cremation Services has cremation services in Cedar Rapids IAbeen in business since they in pride themselves on offering the highest quality customer service in the area. We want you to have a stress free and affordable service that will help honor your loved one with compassionate care that kindness so give us a call today.

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