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What Documents are Required After Someone Passes Away?

Our society can be a complex place, and with all the different aspects of household and business management, there can be multiple accounts to have to attend to when someone passes away. If you are planning cremation services in Iowa City, IA, you will need to acquire specific documentation, so understanding what articles may be required is essential, and here is more information.

Depending on the situation, you may need to acquire multiple different statements such as:

  • Bank for IRA’s and retirement needs
  • Insurance policies for beneficiaries
  • Real estate deeds
  • Any titles such as automobiles
  • Bond certificates or stocks
  • Veteran’s Administration

Business Documents

In the situation where the individual owned business, there will need to be copies of specific documentation.

  • Tax information
  • Licenses including state or local
  • Automobile titles
  • Bank information such as brokerage accounts
  • Certificates on the business, such as shareholders agreements

Any corporations or local businesses that the loved one was utilizing will need to be contacted.

  • Tax bills for real estate
  • Storage units
  • Security systems
  • Utilities
  • Credit cards
  • Cell phones
  • Mortgages
  • Credit lines
  • Safety deposit
  • Post office box

Death Certificate

The death certificate will be required to prove that the individual has passed on to finalize and cut ties with any services they may have been utilizing. It is recommended to get at least ten copies but can range up to 20 or 30 depending on how many agencies the individual was involved with.

In addition, you may need to access the EIN or Employer Identification Number primarily to establish the loved ones a state as an entity that can legally pay for any remaining bills.

Other Documents

Other documentation that can be beneficial to gather are:

  • Military paperwork
  • Marriage license
  • Social Security card
  • Driver’s license
  • Birth certificate

These may not all be required, but depending on the agency, they may be requested. You may also need the arrangement information for the services, such as any last wishes or specific content for the eulogy.

In most cases, the utilities will be some of the easier documentation to find, which can help in the process of canceling and stopping services. You may also want to consider monitoring any credit card or bank statements to ensure no auto payments are continuing to pull before the accounts are closed.

If you’re unable to find some of the paperwork, it can be an excellent suggestion to check with the individual’s lawyer and other friends or family members who may help access the documents.

Community Minded

After your loved one passes away and does not have a portfolio of all their expenses, it may take some time to gather all the pertinent information to make the right contacts. Being mindful that the process can take some time can be beneficial to save on any additional stress that may arise after the loss around finances.

cremation service in Iowa City, IACelebrate Life Iowa Cremation Services understands how confusing the process can be and has served our community since 1982. We offer the highest quality cremation services in Iowa City, IA, and want you to know you are not alone, so give us a call today to get started with your planning.

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